I am free!!

I'm freeI was in need of help. I had subscribed to every RSS feed I found – blogs, news sites, Yahoo Search results. You name it, I subscribed to it. I suffered under an avalanche of new posts/items on a daily basis. I had close to 300 subscribed feeds. It was out of hand. But I couldn’t resist! I read them religiously, afraid that I’d miss something. Most of the time, it wasn’t even enjoyable — I was looking for “material” to blog about. A post here or there that others might have missed would be my next “big post.” But I realized my posting activity (and just about all other activity) was suffering because I was too busy “cleaning out my unreads.” I was so worried I’d miss something that I was simply spinning my wheels. So I decided to whittle down those feeds, to unshackle myself from Bloglines.

I’ve completed my first pass through, removing a lot of feeds (junk and otherwise) and I’ve worked it down to about 130 feeds. Another pass could get me under 100 feeds. It wasn’t easy. Even as I was removing them from my list, I wondered what I’d miss after they were gone. I took out a couple big ones (Digg and Engadget) but I figured if there was something of value there, someone else would pick it up. I just couldn’t keep up with everything that was getting posted. If every feed averaged 3 posts a day, that was close to 1,000 new items a day. It was a lot more than that. That’s simply too much.

After I worked out of that funk, I turned my attention to my collection of unplayed games.

I came to the realization that I simply won’t get to every game I currently have. Games like Viewtiful Joe 2 and Metal Gear: The Twin Snakes sit on my shelf, unplayed, while I spend my third week with Dead Rising. I know that I’m missing out on some great gaming, but I just can’t do it all. With next generation upon us and the excellent DS library growing, I simply can’t get to everything. I still couldn’t bring myself to do something about it. Just like my stack of feeds, I was afraid I’d miss something. With more demands on my free time (real job, kids, golfing) I simply can’t can’t get to it all. I’m not a 40-hour gamer anymore.

So while I used to operate under the delusion that some day I’d get to it all, I realize it’s simply not doable. And worrying about it didn’t do any good. In fact, it probably made procrastinating even easier. So after deciding to cull my “daily reading,” I will also take a hard look at my library. I’m not sure what I’ll do with some of my games that I have yet to play, but I no longer look at them, there on the shelf, and feel guilty. I don’t know if my “Queue” of games will ever exist. I don’t need to feel like I have to play them all. Some I’ll get to, at some time, but others will probably never be played. They’ve got to go.

A weight has been lifted. And I feel free!

Wuv, true wuv

Today marks the eighth year the buttonWife and I have been together. I know she doesn’t read buttonmashing very often, but I’ll make sure she sees this one. I hope she knows I love her a bunch!

Happy Anniversary!

I am a lucky man

I mentioned early this year that I have the world’s greatest wife. Well, now she’s out-done her latest show of greatness. She’s packed up the kids and went to her parents house for the week. In the process, she’s left me a to-do list that consists of mowing the lawn and playing video games. I’ll only have to do the former once. The latter will be done over and over again. Mostly Guild Wars but I’ll sneak some other stuff in there. Man, this is beyond love. Sure I have to work everyday but she didn’t weigh me down with a to-do list of unattainable magnitudes. Just two things I can actually do

Like I said early, that’s true love defined.

Real life.

I’ve been busy this week, lots of things going on so I haven’t had much time to blog. I’ve been able to do a little gaming, I’ve made some good progress with the single player campaign in Halo 2 and I’m really enjoying Mario Power Tennis. I rented Zelda: Four Swords, but have only had a little chunk of time to play that. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played but I doubt I’ll get to play much more before it has to go back. I really like the style of graphics they started with Wind Waker (I know, that’s a minority opinion) and I love the look of Four Swords. I wish I had some friends with GBAs to try out the multiplayer, it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

I’ve been thinking about some topics I want to mention but it’s getting late now, so I’ll check back in soon with some links and some razor sharp wit. Prepare to be dezazzled.

Or, at the very least, mildly amused.