k2 0.9

I’m finally making the transition to K2 0.9, which was released last week. Things will look hairy during the transition.

This message will self-destruct in 24 18 hours (I hope)

Update: So far things have gone pretty swimmingly. The two coolest additions that I’ve made (so far) are the Sidebar Modules (which will be mostly transparent to the reader) and the Subscribe to Comments.

The SBM plug-in makes adding, editing, and removing content on the sidebar much easier, including the ability to choose which modules show up on the main page and what modules show up on individual post pages (like this one) and static pages (like the Carnival HQ).

The Subscribe to Comments plug-in is quite nifty. After commenting on a post, you can check the little “notify me” box and you’ll get an email anytime someone else comments on a post you’ve commented on. Very cool and very handy.

I should wrap up the rest of the tweaks, time permitting, before the weekend.

Buttonmashing.com turns 2!

candles.jpgHelp me blow out the candles on buttonmashing.com’s second birthday cake! It’s hard for me to believe that another year has passed, but two years ago to the day buttonmashing.com went live.

A lot has happened in the past year, both here at Buttonmashing and in the gaming community as a whole. Some highlights:

  • The GTA Hot Cofee scandal (which will not go away!)
  • My blogger validation came as I obtained a “stalker” (who is really just a friend that wanted me to discover Harry Potter)
  • I noticed a lot of posts trying to refute all the crap that Jack Thompson spewed. I’m particularly fond of this one, which also helped on a poor gamer to convince his mom to get him Resident Evil 4 and helped another lost soul with his homework.
  • The 360 was launched on the world, and I didn’t get one. Poor me.
  • A whole year of Carnivals, including one held at Slashdot Games.

A crazy year, indeed. Thanks again to all you who’ve stuck around through the thick and thin, to all the Carnies, and to everyone who’s ever read/commented on/linked something here at buttonmashing.com. I appreciate all the feedback. It’s been a great two years. Here’s to another great year.

Before I blow out the candles, I should probably make a wish… (DS Lite… DS Lite… DS Lite…)

House Cleaning

Things might get a little wonky around here, I’m going to be tinkering under the WordPress hood. I’d like to update the look of my site with a more appropriate banner and color scheme. I’ve also got a backlog of posts that I need to tag. I hope it doesn’t make the feed go screwy. I apologize in advance if it does.

I’m also going to upgrade to the most recent WordPress install and update any plugins that may have been updated.

We’ll get to our regular scheduled program shortly.

A milestone

Over the weekend, buttonmashing.com received its 100,000th hit! May not be much, but I was pretty happy about it.

Onward to the next 100k!


Amazing. I am so thoroughly impressed with WordPress right now, I’m at a loss for words to adequately praise it. I just imported nine months of Blogger posts without a hitch. Setting up WordPress has been simple thus far. Now that I’ve got my posts imported, I’m gonna make sure everything looks okay before I move on. We’ll move on from there.

Update 1: Man, it just keeps getting better. Using Bloglines export feature (export to OPML file) I have now imported all my links from Bloglines. I still need to organize them and there doesn’t seem to be an immediately easy way to use Bloglines to update my links, but I’m sure someone out there has solved that problem, too. This is good stuff!

Update 2: Well, the links are organized. Next it categorizing all my old posts. I may put that off until later. Perhaps I’ll try a plug-in or two.

Update 3 (2/24): The process of converting my old Blogger posts continues tonight, I will make sure all of them are all categorized and edited for grammatical errors. Then it’s on to themes and plugins!

Update 3 (2/26): Posts have all be categorized and I’ve been looking at various plugins and themes. This is seriously great stuff, I can’t believe how seamless and easy it’s all been. Kudos to the guys and WordPress.