Space Invaders Infinity Gene [Lasting Longer]

Almost a year ago, we brought you some news about Space Invaders for all the iDevices. Taito has had a FREE update in the works for some time now that adds a new ship, a sideways mode, and the option to get some more ships via DLC. This was my iPhone FGotY last year and this keeps it right on the homepage of my iPod. The update is on the App store now.

Love Me Some Space Invaders—iPhone Style

Wees talked before about how much wees loveses the Space Invaders around here. Apparently thereís a new version for the iPhone ($4.99!) called Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Itís been getting crazy butt-funk reviews). Apparently you start the game in the classic mode and it evolves into a quasi-shmup. Go to youtube for the trailer or see our comments for the video. (RSS readers may have the video embedded.)