The Beginning of EndWar

Nothing is more satisfying than talking to units in a game and getting so lost in it that you think you are playing with actual people.

Developers, put this tech in more games, please.

The live, online campaign is amazing as well. The polish here is outstanding. This might be one of my first hidden gems of the year.

Best game no one played indeed.

In [Nat’s] Hands: Tom Clancy’s EndWar

While it may have received average “professional reviews” I came across this title today at Target for $50. Yes, the bluetooth bundle for almost half off. (A little known secret: After Christmas they take a couple titles–many of them AAA–and mark them way down. I missed Fallout 3 by a day.) Considering, they were selling the non-headset versions for the same price, I figured I’d get the bundle.


I love gift cards.