Socialize with us

I’ve added a new little widget to the sidebar over there to your right. You’ll see three sections, three vectors of socialization you can have with the Buttonmashing dot com crew.

The first our little fan page on Facebook. I use Facebook fairly regularly, but I reserve it for people (with a couple exceptions) that I actually have a meat-space relationship with. This includes family, close friends and co-workers. Basically, people I’ve shared air with at one time or another. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact with other people on Facebook, especially you guys, so this fan page will allow for that interaction. Becoming a fan will allow us to discuss things that may not fall within the realm of the blog, but would still be interesting to chat about. For now, I just have the site feed hooked up to the Facebook page but in the future I hope to do a little more with the fan page. A contest perhaps.

The next section is the Twitter accounts of those of us writers that use Twitter. I’ve used it a little less than I normally do, but I’ve been busy during the day, which is usually my Twitter prime-time. I use Twitter more as a listening device which works for me. I’d love to hear from you outside the confines of the blog.

Finally, I’m playing around with the Google Friend Connect. If you have a Google Account (and at this point, who doesn’t) you can become a “member” of the site. This allows me to put a name with a face of you guys, which I appreciate. It’s similar to becoming a fan on Facebook, with a lot less interaction and functionality.

Sure, we’re bit behind the times with a few of these, but I’d love for you to follow us in whatever way you’re most comfortable with.

Twitterers you should be following this E3

E3 08 is upon us.

And I have neither the manpower, firepower nor willpower to keep up with all the news, announcements and megatons that are sure to result from E3. That being said, I still try to stay abreast of the happenings and what-not of the event. This year, I’ll mostly be following the news via a few select Twitterers. Here are my “must follows” to get your E3 fix, if you use Twitter:

Major Nelson (of Xbox’s Major Nelson) – Because duh!
Zonk (of Massively and MMOGNation) – Because I need my MMO fix.
FalconGN (of Gaming Nexus) – Because us Ohio Boys gotta stick together.
Godfree (of Gamertag Radio) – Because between him and Major Nelson, you’ve got your Xbox 360 bases covered.
Chris Paladino (of the Gamerscore Blog) – Because, two’s company, three’s a trend?
bapenguin (of Evil Avatar and Co Optimus) – Because we all need a less corporate, more gamer take on E3.
multiplayer (of the MTV Multiplayer Blog) – Because variety is the spice of life.
N’Gai Croal (of Level Up) – Because the guy seems like a pretty cool dude and he gets all the scoops.
Chris Grant (of Joystiq) – Because I need all around coverage.
Garnett Lee (of 1UP Yours, – Because I like the cut of his jib.

Phew, that’s a full time job just following these guys. Anyway, that’s how I’ll be following most of the E3 news. Am I missing anyone?

That social thing

Tweet!Usually, I’m a pretty early adopter for new technologies and what-not. I started blogging before it was really “blogging,” for example. But sometimes I resist new things, usually for no good reason. Services like Twitter and Tumblr just didn’t seem to make sense to me. I already had a blog — why would I want a micro-blog (Twitter) or a mini-blog (Tumblr)? Then I found a few interesting Tumblogs and signed up for one myself. Then I tried out Twitter and was instantly hooked. How did I not latch on to these earlier?

So I’m now addicted to Twitter. I’ve already hooked a couple friends on it and am actively working on a couple more to catch the wave. I tried to explain it to my wife, but that didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped. Regardless, I’m now a Twitterer (Tweeter?) and completely hooked.

I’ve already started following some of my fellow bloggers and some of you have already found my Twitter feed, but those of you interested in seeing what the fuss is and want to follow the absolutely riveting minutia of my day-to-day life, can follow me on Twitter here.

Beyond Twitter, I’ve looked into Friendfeed, which basically becomes a life-stream of everything I do online. It borders on creepy-stalkerish, and it is complete information overload. I actually hesitate to post a link to my Friendfeed, because it’s a little weird. Does anyone really care what stories I digg? Or what video I recently favorited on YouTube? Maybe someone does. For the truly intrepid, my Friendfeed is here.

Finally, I’ve recently been following a handful of people’s shared items in Google Reader. It’s a great way to find information other people find useful. I haven’t been using it as often as I’d like, but if you’re interested in seeing things I’m sharing, my Google Reader Shared Items feed is here. Yet another form of micro-blogging.

Do you Twitter? Do you Tumbl? Do you share? As resistant as I was at first, now I can’t get enough. Let me know what services you use/like. And of course post links to Twitter feeds and the like in the comments.