Wario Ware Mega Games

This game is awesome! I read the countless reviews praising it on the Game Boy Advance but it came out before I got my SP so I never picked up a copy, but I rented the Gamecube version and it is a riot! My friends and I are always looking for games that are “wife-friendly” since playing games with the wives scores brownie points that we can tuck away for future guys-only games. Mario Kart and the Mario Parties are good but aren’t the easiest to get the hang of but W.W.M.G. is easy to learn and fun to play. I’ve never laughed so hard watching my wife try to pick a pixelated nose with a pixelated pinkie. That is good stuff.

Graphics are good, on par with a game ported from a handheld, music and sound is up-beat and perfect and the controls are simple. I can see the overall lifetime of the game being short since there are only so many mini games and once you’ve played them a bunch of times they would get old, but this is a definite rental and can probably be picked up cheap, so I recommend it!

4/5 buttons mashed!