PING: Bit.Trip.Runner

It must be video day today. Bit.Trip.Runner has finally been released on WiiWare for $8.

Some of us here are big fans of the Bit.Trip games.

Out of Nowhere Comes Excitebike: World Rally

excitebikeAfter only one hour play the out of nowhere release of Excitebike: World Rally may be the Game of the Glut(TM) for the season. Nintendo was able to retain the simplistic gameplay and feel of the original while adding a few twists.

  • You can play using the controller in Classic mode or Normal. Normal lets you tilt the remote to tilt the bike knowing that reaper bars are the lightest. Getting back on the bike quicker after a crash is done by waggling in both modes.
  • You can pop a wheelie just before hitting someone and you�ll not crash.
  • Cutting off another rider cools down your bike from overheating instantly. That new touch should prove for an interesting strategy.
  • The camera can be isometric or sideways.
  • There are letter rankings now on tracks just like in ExciteTruck and ExciteBots
  • Unlockables.
  • You can still create your own tracks and now share them via friendcodes (bleh!).
  • 4-player online racing via friendcodes (bleh, again!)
  • It�s $10.

I now have this crazy urge to get an �S� rating in all the tracks (set in various world locations�hence the name, World Rally)

Mega Man 9: Lovers and Haters

Mega Man 9Capcom has made a bold move to make Mega Man 9. Actually, Capcom making a Mega Man game period has not really been all that bold. They’ve been milking that franchise more than my local dairy sticks a vacuum tube to their cows.

Mega Man 9 will be old school. Yes, it’s going to be done like an old NES game–graphics, style, and sound. It’ll be available as a WiiWare title. No timeframe on the date or price.

The lovers: anyone over the age of 25 who played Mega Man 2 or 3.

The haters: anyone under the age of 25.

(Don’t believe me? The comments at Kotaku are priceless.)

Somehow, GamesRadar was able to score some screenshots and get a little more info such as boss descriptions.

If this is a hit expect to see tons more new, old games. Ha! I, for one, welcome it. Thanks to GameRadar for the pic.