Back On The WoWgon

After 8 months away, Azeroth once again has me in her clutches. I should have known I’d be jumping back in as fast as possible once the new expansion hit. I love exploring new areas and about the only reason I stopped playing WoW back in March was the fact that I’d run out of new things to see.

Of course, I also needed something to play on my laptop when I can’t use the TV besides Peggle.


The concept of the “Everquest Widow” is nothing new. Sure, World of Warcraft has been more successful than Everquest, and yes, there are “WoW widows” but it’s nothing new. A couple days ago, a post on Soul Kerfuffle was making the rounds last week, about a guy and his year in World of Warcraft. He talks of addictions, obsessions, and broken families. After I read that post, I found another post telling the story of yet another gaming widow dealing with someone “addicted” to gaming. For whatever reason, this particular blog post was rather poignant to me. Even though the game isn’t EQ or WoW, it’s still the same thing.

Maybe I’m just not dedicated enough, but I can’t wrap my brain around this. I cannot think of a gaming situation where gaming is more attractive, important or tantalizing than sex, EVER.


I think the question of whether you’re addicted or not boils down to this: If offered the chance to be with your wife/girlfriend/significant other and you pass on it to play your game, level up one more level, finish your raid, whatever, I have bad news for you:

You, sir (or madam), are addicted.

Making babies and the level 60 grind

Only the unbeliever could find the parallels. Observe.

As usual, sex shows us that it is more then the meaning of life, it is also a playbook for creating content.

Phat loot = babies. I totally agree.

Faces of WoW

Where nerds, geeks and MMORPG freaks stop hiding behind their toons.

There’s more at RPG Faces.

Not really sure if that’s a good thing or not. A thousand jokes are swirling in my brain but I’m just too tired to throw any out there. Feel free to throw out your own.

Tales of a Scorched Earth: World of Warcraft big in Europe

I still have an internal struggle about joining in on the fun of WoW. But for right now, I think I agree with gatmog, at Tales of a Scorched Earth. He says:

“Due to its level of accessibility and favourable conditions for short game sessions, I plan on getting into World of Warcraft eventually. However at this time I’m finding it more beneficial to observe this growing community from the outside.”

Same here.