In My Digital Hands (and Weekend Gaming)


Recently it seems like the only thing that has turned my crank, video game-wise, has been zombies. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but The Walking Dead had me going for a while (more on that soon) and then all I heard about was how engaging State of Decay was. Even though my Xbox 360 has started to accumulate a layer of dust, I decided to give it a try.

So this what I’ll be playing this weekend, along with Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS. If there’s time, I’ll get in a game of Infinite Crisis or League of Legends, but right now I think I’d rather be scavenging an abandoned diner for something to eat before the “Zeds” arrive than just about anything else.

What will you be playing this weekend?

XBox 360 – Injustice: Gods Among Us (mini review)

The single-player’s story mode is very similar to the most recent Mortal Kombat or DC vs Mortal Kombat AKA – the first Injustice game.

In my book, this is a good thing. I appreciated the cinematic sequences that were in between each fight but, not that it forced me to play characters that I didn’t want to play(i.e. Cyborg), while not letting me play others(i.e. Shazam). Now, this was somewhat related to the story that they crafted but, it would have been nice to be able to pick which character’s story/role you would like to be a part of as it played out. The “Battle” mode on the other hand will allow you to choose any character to play as and after beating a certain number of opponents you get a picture with a voice over that gives you that character’s ending story.

The playable characters are plentiful and the alternate skins are a welcome addition.

Each character has a super move that just rocks the other player – Aquaman has one of the eye-catching ones, and I recommend you check out the others Superman, Flash, Doomsday, etc. as they are all very entertaining.

I have only played online multiplayer once but, I can’t see myself playing the game into the wee hours of the morning night in and night out. The fun which I enjoyed from the single player alone was worth the purchase price to me but, I’m a confessed comic book fan. There will be DLC and the first character to be added to the roster is “The Main Man”, Lobo.

Here is a taste of what he can do!

If you’re a DC Comics fan or like the recent Mortal Kombat fighting mechanics, you should pick up this game. If you’re neither of those – rent it or take a pass.

In My Hands

It’s actually been in my hands for a couple weeks now but with holidays and Borderlands 2, I just haven’t had a chance to play it. I’m going to remedy that tonight.

In My Hands

kinect characteristics

(Image from here)

Yeah, I’m a couple years behind the curve on this one, but I never felt there was a compelling reason to get a Kinect. Yes, I knew the kids would love playing on it, but we had the Wii already and the Kinect just didn’t seem necessary. Then grandpa decided it was time for the to have their own Kinect and delivered us our hardware last week.

It’s already got the kids sweating and that’s a win in my book. I’m just not yelling Skyrim Dragon Shouts anytime soon. The other stuff? Can’t wait to try it…

In My Hands

It truly is a sickness (going back TEN YEARS, PEOPLE) that I am helpless to resist. The fact that I have skipped an iteration the past few years is mini miracle unto itself.

If you need me, I’ll be bringing the North Royalton University Bears back to rightful place atop the College Football Throne.

In My Hands

Actually, this has been in my hands since after my laptop died back in May and I was looking for something else to play besides Mass Effect 3. (Not that ME3 was bad, I just needed a change of pace and Diablo III wasn’t an option)

The first preorder bonus I’m considering

Heck, I didn’t even think the original Prototype was that great of a game. I have no plans of buying or playing Prototype 2. Butt after receiving an email from Gamestop, alerting me to their pre-order bonus for Prototype 2, I am seriously considering it.

I’m not a fan of different retail outlets offering bonuses for pre-ordering/purchasing a game from their establishment (Batman: Arkham City being a particularly egregious example) but since it usually doesn’t affect the gameplay in any measureable way and doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the full experience, I don’t really care. If it floats your boat, by all means, go for it.

BUT. BUTT. But, when you offer something like this, well I’ll definitely take notice:

When you offer me the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker, well you may have just made a sale.

In My Digital Hands

So I had heard good things about Bastion from people I trust so I figured I’d pick up a copy as soon as I got a chance. Luck would have it that if you purchased it on the Microsoft Store online, you also got a free copy of The Maw:

And speaking of good deals, I also picked this up last week when it was half off:

Got to get my Dead Rising on whenever I can.

So I am once again stock piling games. I only grabbed a couple games during the Summer Steam sale, but I’m starting to get my inventory stocked before the cold rolls in in a few months.

In My Hands

In My Hands

If anyone spoils things for me, I get to internet throat-punch you.

(After a couple hours of playing the single player, I’d love to try out some co-op)