Four Swords Free for 3DS (until Sunday)

Thanks to a tip from Laughter, I was pointed to a post over on Wii U Daily that Nintendo is giving Zelda Four Swords, the Gameboy Advance multi-Link Zelda game.

According to the post on Nintendo’s site:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is GameSpot’s 2013 game of the year! We want to celebrate all things Hyrulian, so for a limited time we’re offering The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition for FREE!

I played a little of Four Swords back when it came out but never got a chance to play it very much. Now that we have four 3DSes in this household, we are always looking for ways to play something together. Having a little four-player Zelda should be great.

So this new Zelda game…

zelda twilight.jpgIt might be sorta, kinda good.

I was cruising my favorite meta-review site, Metacritic, checking out the new Wii titles when I browsed over to the new Zelda: Twilight Princess page. Right now, it’s clocking in at 9.8. I guess that would mean it’s a pretty solid launch title, right? Three reviews scoring it a perfect 100 and another at 99. IGN’s review hasn’t been integrated into MC’s score, but they gave the game a 9.5. Wow.

So this has to be the highest rated launch title, right?

I haven’t read any of the reviews, as I want to go into Z:TP completely unspoiled, so I’ll have to take these scores at face value. It just happens that said value is very high.


Okay, I have resisted the “Pun Siren’s” call long enough. I don’t really know what to say about The Nintendo Wii. I could join the internet meme and say funny things that rhyme with “we” but I just won’t do it. But I did talk to some Nintendo fans about the new name and Wii just don’t buy it. Surely this is a joke. That can’t possibly be what Nintendo is going to call their next (and possibly most fabulous) console. That just isn’t riight.

Speaking of memes, Simon mentioned an E3 predictions meme. My one and only prediction is that Zelda Twilight Princess will not be a Gamecube game. I predict they will announce that it is going to be a Wii launch title. Complete with collector edition sword and shield Wii controllers. And a weekly visit from the neighborhood bully to kick your butt because you bought a console called “Wii.”

That’s what he’ll say as he delivers his pummeling.

Nintendo, why do you toy with us?

The life of a Nintendo fan is rough. I didn’t mention the recent news that The Twilight Princess had been delayed until next year mostly because I was saddened by it and I grow tired of being set up by Nintendo, only to be let down. I love the big N as much as anyone, but like Tom says, it is going to be a long winter. There are still games to be played but, to be honest, all I was really looking forward to was getting down with some Zelda. It isn’t easy being a Nintendo Fanboy.

Looks like Resident Evil 4 will be the Game of the Year for 2005.