Games gathering dust

There was a link to a story on to this article about having too many games to play. A problem I’m sure we’d all like to have, but this post came at a time I was thinking the exact same thing.

I’ve picked up 6-7 games at rock-bottom prices (I think I’ve spent 60 bucks total) and I’ve still got other games I haven’t had a chance to play yet. I would say I’ve got ten good games in the ‘queue’ waiting for me to play. And I was thinking “Man, I’ve got to beat Goblin Commander before I start something else.” It felt like it was almost a chore. That’s not right. This is my hobby, not a job or responsibility. I felt obligated to play because it’s sitting right there in front of me.

So I decided to give Goblin Commander another go tonight, and I was not enjoying it at all. RTS games belong on a PC, even though Jaleco did a decent job with Goblin Commander. So I decided instead of feeling obligating to completing the game, I’ll just use it as trade fodder. I could probably get 5-10 bucks for it (about what I paid for it) and pick up something I want to play, like ESPN NFL 2k5. It’s out of my system. I don’t feel like I have to complete it.

So liberating! What a breakthrough I’ve had. But I still will finish Viewtiful Joe if it’s the last thing I do.


  1. […] I was reading the always excellent Dubious Quality and Bill linked to a blogger talking about his “shrinkwrap shrine.” I’m sure a lot of us have a similar shrine — a backlog of games we never get around to either playing or finishing. I mentioned something similar to this a while ago but I really enjoyed Doug’s piece. I’ve found that the increase in disposable income has definitely increased my ability (and propensity) to accumulate games. I’ve got a long “queue” of games waiting to be played, only to be pushed further down the line as new games enter in. It’s a neverending battle. […]

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