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At Popular Culture Gaming, the topic of women in video games and in particular their use in magazines comes up, this time discussing their prominent display of scantily-clad (man, that’s a cool phrase) women on magazines. He says he’s ashamed to be a gamer. When I see this stuff I can’t help but agree. It doesn’t do anything but further pigeon hole us gamers into male teenagers (and tweenies) with raging hormones. But I think this problem is deeply rooted in pretty much all print media. With the advent of the internet, I think it’s clear that print media is struggling to find its place and magazines are using sex to sell issues. Just look at any magazine rack at your local 7-11. Unfortunately, I think video game magazines are particularly guilty of this.

From the I-could-have-told-you-that research, apparently guys prefer video games to TV. Yup. I watch one or two shows regularly (Lost and Scrubs) and sports, but I definitely prefer games to TV. Unless one of my sports teams is on TV, I’d rather ve gaming. Sometimes that means waiting until the wife is done with her shows, but often she shows me the love and watches her shows on the little TV in the bedroom and I get the big TV for gaming. This particular article concentrates on online gamers and comes for the UK, but I think it’s pretty applicable here, too.

Also from the article –

Global rivalries are strong online, with a third of UK gamers (31 per cent) choosing the US as the nation they most like to beat online followed closely by the French (18 per cent) and Germans (11 per cent)(3).

I love this!

From Guardian Unlimited Game Blog

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