Week in review (Part 4)

This has been a fairly quiet week as far as new games go, but lots of good stuff out there in the gaming blogs world, so we’ll get right to it. (I’m still looking for a better title for the week in review and I’m trying a new format)

  • At Tales of a Schorched Earth there’s been a few reviews for some Gamecube games (both of which I want to play) X-Men Legends and Paper Mario 2. Both look promising, but he makes a good point, PM2 shouldn’t have been releases this close to all the other blockbusters. I agree
  • From hello, nintendo, there’s a link to Idle Thumbs about poorly named games. It’s a great read.
  • From AFK Gamer it looks like Blizzard may be nerfing some of the classes/skills in WoW. Blizzard did this often with Diablo 2, and unfortunately someone always gets the shaft. I remember the Necromancer being a fun character to play and after a while they continually nerfed him to the point of laughability. I don’t know what he’s like now, but I had a sweet Necromancer that got jobbed.
  • Me, I’m looking forward to Christmas at the ButtonHouse
  • Above (or more likely, below) all the Top Ten Lists coming out, at Evil Avatar is a discussion of this years Worst Games of the Year. EA’s members can be counted on for both fanboyism and valid insight. Here it’s a mixed bag. Most disappointing for me, hands down, was Fable. The jury is still out on the worst.

Of course, let us not forget that there’s still a ton of good games to be played. I’ll be updating this week of a couple more I’ve been able to pick up. The fun never stops.

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