dallasobserver.com | Have Gun, Will Travel | 2005-01-06

dallasobserver.com | Have Gun, Will Travel | 2005-01-06: I love Halo 2. I enjoy fragging and eviscerating as much as the next guy. But when I play, I don’t really think about the possibility of playing in tournaments or making money. I know money is out there, lots of people are playing in tournaments and making money, but I don’t have the skill (or even the dedication) to be that good. Nevertheless, there are people out there banking on their skills. In this article, it seems that Zyos, Matt Leto, is making quite a little chunk of change playing Halo 2. From the article:

“And the money keeps coming. Semmelhack says Zyos is looking at ‘mid-five figures’ in endorsements alone this year. And with MLG’s tournament purse of $250,000 in 2005, Matt Leto, college dropout, professional Halo player, should be a six-figure 22-year-old by year’s end.

‘I am lucky,’ he says. ‘But it takes a lot of skill, too.'”

It’s a good read (link from kotaku) and an interesting look into the burgeoning world of Major League Gaming.

I can always dream about playing in the big leagues. I still dream about playing football at The Ohio State University. But, alas, my dreams are just that. I am a peasant in the heirarchy of videogamers. It appears that Zyos is the King and Emperor.

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