Halo 2, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Style

First a disclaimer – I hate cheaters. More to the point, I hate people who cheat in online games. I don’t cheat, plain and simple. I don’t care how easy it makes things, how powerful it would make me, how cool it would be. As a matter of principle I won’t do it. Those who do are lower than pond scum’s scum. There is a special place reserved in the bowels of despair for cheaters. They ruin the game for the rest of us who try to play far and square. But, for the most part, I pretend cheaters don’t exist. I won’t let them ruin my experience.Crouching Tiger

But glitches are a different story. They are usually difficult to execute and even harder to master. I can live with glitches. Such is the glitch (bug? trick?) of the Flying Sword in Halo 2. After I read how to do it, I had to try it. Some friends were over last night to play some two-TV Halo 2 on Live, so before we embarked on some trash-stomping, we made a game to give the glitch a test. Much hilarity ensued.

The gist of the trick is to line up an enemy in the distance with a non-sword weapon. When the aiming reticule turns red, you switch weapons, and before the sword reticule appears you pull the trigger. If it’s done correctly, you zoom (fly?) right up to the unsuspecting sucker and disembowel them. It is hard to do. HARD. But the first time you do it is exhilarating. My first thought was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, with Li Mu Bai gliding through the air, sword in hand. The difference is, when Li Mu Bai glides through the air he does it gracefully and effortlessly but Master Chief charges with impatience and anger. Watching the strike from a third person’s perspective emphasizes this point. You see Master Chief half-running, half-flying through the air, death in his hand. It’s a sight to behold.

But as I said, it’s a pretty hard trick to pull off, even if you do get the rhythm done. Executing the move in-game will be extremely tough, but my friend did pull one off last night. This is one glitch I will be proud to use, even more proud to execute, and will be honored if someone eviscerates me with. I will pick up my intenstines, stick them back into place and pick up a sword and bring it!

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