ButtonMashing.com Exclusive! Hands on with Resident Evil 4!

An exclusive, hands-on preview of a game, here on ButtonMashing? Okay, not really. I did get a hands-on with Resident Evil 4. I say it’s exclusive because there was no one else in the store, obviously because they were waiting for me to arrive for my exclusive hands-on! Alright, it was a slow night at the store, but I do have a funny story leading up to my “exclusive” hands-on:

I went to the local rental shack to see if they had put RE4 out for rental yet (I have enough games, I don’t need to buy any more, but RE4 looks too tasty not to at least rent) and unfortunately it wasn’t out yet. In fact, after my hands-on, I can safely say I wouldn’t be posting this if it was. I’d be playing it. Anyway, I mosy into the attached Game Crazy and it’s empty, save one employee. I’m not sure, but the lights may have been dimmed a little. It did seem strangely eerie. The worker is engrossed in a game. I walk up to the TV to take a look and the guy jumps out of his shoes. “Whoa! you scared me,” he says. I notice he’s playing Resident Evil 4. “Heh, that’s what happens when you’re playing a Resident Evil game.” We both have a chuckle. Off in the distance I think I heard screaming. Something about, “But mommy! I want to watch Harry Potter!”

I watched him play for a couple minutes and I must say – the game looks tremendous. The surroundings and environment look gritty and muddy. The bad guys look, well, bad and intent on employing farm tools in your harm. The animation is fluid and the frame-rate looks solid, even when there’s a lot of action going on. After a couple of minutes, he asks if I want to play? Me? Absolutely. My exlcusive, hands-on preview! He hands me the platinum Wavebird and I can tell he’s been gripping it pretty tightly. It’s not just warmed up, it’s downright hot.

As I took control, the game felt a bit awkard. Within the first few minutes things felt natural. I have no idea what the story is but I do know that a 12-gauge shotgun can take down some serious walking meat bags. There seems to be a lot of interaction with the environment and things look and feel organic. This is a must-play.

I only got about five minutes worth of playing but I must say, RE 4 is looking most excellent.
Resident Evil 4


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