IGDA – Culture Clash – Jan05

IGDA – Culture Clash – Jan05: I picked this article up from Joystiq by Matt Sakey, whipping the current state of games magazines on the bare bottom. He says as gamers (that’s us) grow up, the print media should as well.

“It’s time for the gaming press to grow up a little bit. Stop acting like the Nintendo Fun Club and start taking seriously the discipline of game development, and how the products of that discipline can uniquely affect us. The weird irony is that we’re seeing websites/blogs take this responsibility and run with it, while print media devolves to little more than delayed advertisements for technical features. Really the web’s timeliness and occasional amateurism is more appropriate for quick-turnaround reviews and impressions, while professional print is better suited to more deadline-inspecific meditative content.”

It’s a good read, check it all out. I like the tip of the hat to bloggers. My kind of guy.

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