The big Three-Oh

The day I never thought has arrived. This day, thirty years ago, my sweet mother was in the throes of labor, thrusting the cruel world upon me in a most unceremonious way. That’s right, today is NOT my un-birthday. It is officially my birthday. But not just any birthday, this one is the big three-oh. While it’s not the end of the world, it sure feels like I’m supposed to have grown up and matured, but sometimes I still feel like I’m twenty. And not just because I still play video games. I guess I can wait another ten years to see if I’ve “grown up”.

Of course you, as a loyal Button Masher, would like to shower me, your fearless Head Button Masher, with gifts and well-wishing. Alas, I would be remiss to accept said gifts, but send ’em any way. I’ll just be remiss and deal with that myself.

As I looked back on the past thirty years, I can say I’m happy where I am at. I wouldn’t change any of it. Here’s to thirty more!

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