New and improved!

After fighting with mySQL for the first time (surprisingly painless after I realized what I was doing) we have a new version of buttonmashing. It’s late, so I’ll be going to bed now, but I’ll be trying all the cool WordPress widgets later, starting with the import of my Blogger posts. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m sleepy.


  1. Woah! You changed fast since I last saw this site at the office this afternoon. BTW what flavor(version) of WP are you running are you using the new build 1.5 or an old build?

  2. Yeah, a lot has changed because they made it so dang easy to import old blogger posts and importing links from Bloglines was a snap. I’m running 1.5 right now. I know there was a slight update to fix a problem with RSS feeds. Mine don’t seem to be working right now.

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