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(Update:Following the advice from Mike in the comments, I’ve tried to fix my files so the original RSS feed is operable. So far I can’t get bloglines to recognize my change, but hopefully you’ll have better luck

Okay, it turns out I didn’t save the appropriate files I had changed, but now they are all working and everything seems to be better. Thanks for the help, Mike!)

If you use Bloglines (or another RSS feeding machine) you have probably noticed that my Blogger feeds are no longer active. You can subscribe to my feed using:

I was previously having issues with WP and the feed, but that adress seems to work. I also updated the feed links in the footer of the first page. If you use Bloglines, you can always use the handy subscribe with Bloglines button:

Subscribe with Bloglines

Seriously, if you’re not using Bloglines, you’re missing out.


  1. There’s a problem with bloglines detecting the RSS feed. Your workaround doesn’t seem to be working. While I can sbuscribe to your blog, the update checking doesn’t work and I can’t read your posts in bloglines. I did some hunting around to fix the problem (because it was doing the same thing with my wordpress blog) and I found the solution.

    You can find the solution to the problem here. It worked for me:

    Also note, you can’t fix it in the theme editor in wordpress. You’ll have to edit the wp-blog-header manually (download it, change it, reupload it).

    After you do all that you’ll need to make that little button point to

    While you’re at it, add a feed to your bloglines for

    Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks for the link to the fix. I made the appropriate changes but I still can’t subscribe to my feed with Bloglines. Opera’s built-in RSS reader can handle it just fine, so I’m hoping that Bloglines will recognize the change soon.

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