A stroll around the gaming blog-o-sphere

I’ve been light on the blogging lately (having a new baby in the house has been keeping me a little busy). But I’ve been keeping up on my reading and I wanted to highlight a couple things that have tickled my fancy. So on to the stroll…

Gamers come in many flavors (which is a topic for another day) but game girl advance has a great post about how EA has appaled to the gamers that aren’t “hard core”. Call them what you like (sports gamers, frat gamers, whatever) but they are a force t0 be reckoned with. I would wager that the non-hard cores outnumber us more “committed” gamers 10 to 1. I love my sports games as much as the next sports gamer but I would wager they could care less about the beauty that is found in TLoZ:Wind Waker. People can say EA is doing a lot of things wrong but they sell games. When it’s all said and done, that’s what this business is really about. People can rail against the commercialization and “Hollywood way of doing things” but it’s all about making money.

I’m still torn on the PSP/DS debate. I will more than likely end up with a DS but I am so very tempted by the beauty that is the PSP. I followed Brian’s live blogging of his experiences with his “honey”. Good stuff. Looks like Mike at Pixel du Juor likes it, too.

I am rather jealous that render is going to E3. That would be such a mind job to attend that gaming mecca.

There have been complaints galore about the spotty (that’s being fair) reliability of WoW’s servers. But Foton puts it rather eloquently:

My point is this: you would not accept this kind of treatment with your car, or your cell phone service, or your cable service. If every time you went to a particular movie theater the soundtrack was mismatched, that would be entirely unacceptable, wouldn’t it?

Yes, it would. So the complaints are getting louder and Blizzard better start paying attention. But then again, I imagine complaints to your crack dealer would fall on deaf ears. He knows you’ll be back, whether your rocks are good or not.

I was impressed with Nintendo’s GDC Zelda trailer, but nowak brings up some good points. I, too, miss the cel shading. While the new Zelda looks amazing (and yes, I will be buying it) I wonder what beauty and art we’ll miss by not having the cel shaded look. At least there’s a chance for the next generation to have a cel shaded Zelda. Here’s to hoping.

So our stroll comes to an end. It’s a great time to be a gamer. So many possibilities. And so many things to complain about!


  1. I’m not gatmog :\, though I’m in the same greater Toronto area.

  2. While reading your blog entry I was reminded of my own post on EA’s current worldwide takeover. Check it out here.

  3. Nowak – My bad, I don’t know why I wrote that name, I must have been reading his site before I went to yours and was all confused. It was about 1 am by the time I got there so I was a little bleary eyed. Sorry about that, it’s been corrected.

    Singe – What EA is doing is quite scary – a companythat big can’t continue to grow at its current pace for ever. Expectations we continue to increase while profits plateau. It’s possible they get so big the collapse on themselves. At least that what a lot of people are hoping for.

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