Catching up

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I have a stack of games. I’ve had a chance to break open a couple of these games and wanted to mention what I’ve played.

The first one I played is R: Racing Evolution. I’ve never played other Ridge Racing games (which I’ve heard are great) but I was pretty disappointed with this one. Sure, there’s the pretty protagonist and a decent story mode, it just didn’t do it for me. The racing wasn’t that great. Controls felt soft and the physics didn’t feel right, either. I’ll probably give this one another try but I wasn’t that impressed.

The other game I played was XIII. This game has a little more promise the R:Racing. I’ve played for a couple hours and I really like the comic book-ish, cel-shaded look. I’m looking forward to making more progress with this one. It seems like it was another game released at an unfortunate time. I picked this one for a song, so if you see it at your favorite second hand store cheap, I recommend picking it up.

I’ve got a few more to play out before family comes to visit this weekend, when most of the gaming time will be devoted to NCAA 2005 and Mario Party. I’ll update those later.

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