Are you trying to get invited to my next Barbeque?!

Ahhh, that was my favorite unit response from Starcraft. Any way, Joystiq has a hands-on with Starcraft Ghost, a game I’ve been very interested in since it was announced, oh before the birth of my FIRST CHILD. Anyway, it sounds like a fun game, comparisons maybe to Unreal Tournament? I thought it was supposed to be stealth action, but it appears to be more of a shooter, with different units. I really like the sound of that, this one looks hot.


  1. Yes, it looks like they went the Halo route.

  2. Yeah, that’s seems to be the consesus. Not that that’s a bad thing. Maybe they could mix both FPS/Halo with Stealth/Splinter Cell. That would be a heck of a game.

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