Come join the Carnival of Gamers!

As I mentioned last week, we’re starting the Carnival of Gamers! The inaugural edition of the CoG will be Thursday, May 26th.

I know a lot of you will be to winding down from E3 so I hope this isn’t too soon, but I assumed that by Sunday night everyone would be back in normal mode and we can get some of those great pieces submitted. If there is a consensus that this isn’t enough time we can postpone it a week.

So what do you submit? Just select one of your recent (or not so recent, doesn’t matter) blog posts you really liked and really want others to read. Submit that to me, with a little background if you want, and I’ll group all the links on one page. Then, we’ll spread the word about the Carnival. This will point everyone to our blogs and we’ll be popular and people will like us. Or at least come away with more video game knowledge then they ever wanted. This is our chance to make gamers look semi-normal, so don’t screw it up with your Pokemon fantasies.

So, if you are interested in submitting a blog post to be included in the Carnival, please email them to me at There aren’t any real guidelines. They certainly should be about video games in one way or another but that’s about all the guidance I have. I’m all about free speech and creativity, but let’s try to avoid the obscene, profane overly profane, racist, sexist, you get the picture. Let’s just have some fun and see where this can go.

So submit away! Let’s have a great Carnival of Gamers!

A couple updates — first, as Foton pointed out, I put a guideline of nothing “profane”. What I meant is nothing over-the-top profane, like what you get in just about every game of Halo 2 on Live. With that in mind, I’ve modified the guidelines above. I mentioned to Foton that profanity and video games go hand-in-hand. Or in the case of frustrating games, controller flying out of one’s hand-in-hand. I know bloggers love their colorful use of language and I don’t want to discourage any submissions that contain words of the four-letter variety. As Ralphie (from The Christmas Story) said, swearing is an art medium like oils or clay. And while I personally don’t work with such a palette, others do with good (usually hilarious) results. So as long as it adds flavor to the meal, go right ahead.

Second — the submissions have begun to arrive, which is great! If you haven’t submitted yet, what’s holding you back?! Make sure, though, that you submit a link to your blog with the article you’d like to submit. If nothing more, it will make my life easier. (Hey, I’m lazy!). Also, I haven’t decided how I’ll handle multiple submissions. I may include both/all or I may choose one. We’ll see!


  1. I’d say one submission per blog.


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