Carnival of Gamers #2

Woohoo! This puppy would fly!Thomas has taken the Carnival of Gamers and thrown it on a 5.25 Floppy Disk and loaded on his Tandy 1000. And the results look fantastic. Go check out the 2nd Edition of the Carnival of Gamers. I haven’t had a chance to read any of the posts yet (sleepy time) but I had to make sure I posted this now so everyone checks it out.

I’ll have a chance to digest it tomorrow and I’ll check back in.

Update:: The second stop of the Carnival seems to have been a success. There were some great pieces. My vote for best quote goes to Maggie at The Game Chair:

After all, no one game appeals to all people – so why in the world would one game appeal to all women gamers? Each of us is looking for different things in a game, regardless of sex.

Excellent point. The whole thing was very well written and enjoyable to read.

I’ve read Foton’s AFKGamer for a while now but I missed this about his benevolence as a an EQ Guide. Foton granted god-like powers? Scary.

Josh hasn’t been given enough credit for the work his put into the Illinois video-game law happenings. I’ve read them all, fearing the worst. But honestly, aren’t we all helpless when someone says “Think of the children“?

Finally, I can no longer avoid it, I am giving Fate a try. I’ve been reading about it in numerous places but Bill lays out the goods.

Thanks again to Thomas for putting this together. I have a handful of new bloggers to read, which is great. My bloglines subscriptions are getting rather full. I look forward to the next Carnival stop. I’ll update the Carnival page when I return home from the in-laws this weekend.


  1. w00t.

    In a relates story, I created a gmail account “carniegrue”. If we wanted, we could use this for CoG submissions. I could just forward the account to whomever happens to be the current host.

  2. CarnieGrue, I like it. That’s a good idea to have one central address for submissions. Corvus is hosting the next Carnival if you want to send it along to him.

    Thanks for setting that up.

  3. One word about this recent CoG.


    Keep up the good work, because it gets better everytime.

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