Carnival of Gamers #3

The Carnival of Gamers #3 is up!

Update: Okay, I’ve been really lazy updating around here. I’ve been stricken with some wicked Poison Ivy (I thought I was immune!) but that’s neither here nor there. I’ve got a bunch of irons in the fire so I’ll be doing some catching up this weekend. Hopefully you’ve checked out all the delicious Fair food at Carnival #3 (man, I love Fair Food). Since Corvus decided do hold a little contest for the best entry, I voted for AggroMe’s entry. The first time I saw the commercial in question on G4 I couldn’t start laughing. I’m glad the “Not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusetts” disclaimer hasn’t gone unoticed. There’s so many good quotes from this one, but I love this:

When one of the dudes says, “I can’t believe we got jobs doing this!” I’m not sure if he is referring to the game design job or the fact that someone hired these two as actual actors.

Of course, I found some great new bloggers to read and I’m really glad so many people are taking a liking to the Carnival. This is good stuff.

Also, on a semi-carnival-related post, render sends word about an upcoming blog event called the Blogathon where bloggers do what they do best, blog. Only they blog for 24 hours, all for a good cause. I think we’re going to do a group effort and I’m not sure what charity we’ll be hooking up with, but you can follow the progress over at Render.

Finally, I’ve updated the Carnival HQ page with some new host information. Remember to always check there first for any Carnival questions you have.

I should be able to get some good blogging in this weekend, if I can ever take a break from scratching this dang poison ivy. It’s insidious!

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