Shot-Online, Season 2

I may be going out on a limb saying this, but I would imagine the majority of you readers are not playing Shot-Online, the greatest Golf MMORPG EVAR. That being said, if by some chance you are playing (or have played in the past) Shot-Online, then you’ll be pleased to know that “Season 2” has launched. The website has been redesigned and there’s a whole new client to download. I downloaded and played a round of golf but I didn’t notice too many changes.

The game is still free, but you can always throw PayPal money (it’s fake, like Monopoly money, right?) at them and buy in-game items from the store. I’m all for them trying to make their money this way, but I’d rather earn my items the old-fashioned way — grinding through hundreds of rounds of golf. Call me a glutton for cyber-punishment, but if I can’t grind, I ain’t playing.

So far I haven’t played a round of golf with other players yet. I’m still a lowly level 6 golfer with no game to speak of. It’s depressing to have my all-time longest drive be 207 yards. And that’s when it was sunny and a 10 MPH wind at my back. I figure once I get up around level 10 or so I’m going to give the whole multiplayer thing a try. But for now, I still think Shot-Online is a pretty fun game, especially the free part.

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