On Carnivals and Roundtables

So we’ve had three successful Carnivals of Gamers, currently gearing up for the fourth, and I’ve been thinking about the current Carnival schedule. Is twice a month too often? I usually try to post at least one “Carnival-worthy” post before the deadline, but twice a month can be a lot. It may not be this way for everyone, but I was contemplating a suggestion to go to a monthly Carnival.

This came on the heels of Corvus’ idea of a monthly roundtable discussion. His idea is to have a central theme that everyone blogs about and then those posts would be passed around, Carnival style. I really like this idea, I will participate as occasion allows, but I wanted to know, from those who’ve participated in the Carnival of Gamers if we should hold the Carnival once a month, as well. That would give everyone time to participate and it would give the host a little more time to get the Carnival together.

This is something that I’ve been mulling over in my mind. What do my fellow carnies (and those of you who read the Carnival) think?

Update: It appears that the consensus is that the Carnival would benefit going to a monthly format. As it stands now, the 4th Carnival will continue as scheduled (tomorrow) and then Carnival #5 will fall on August 4th (the first Thursday). Hopefully Unfettered Blather won’t be adversely affected by the date change. AFK Gamer will then host #6 in September.


  1. I’ve been a regular reader of the Carnival (and am finally contributing,) but I’m totally for making it a collection of blogs on one subject. It makes perfect sense to me, anyway. Though the once vs twice a month thing I’m really indifferent about.

  2. Glad that you’re gonna be a carnie, Jeff. One thing to clarify, though — the Carnival and the Roundtable are going to be two distinct entities. Even though they share similarities, the Carnival will still maintain its open format and the Roundtable will be more tightly controlled.

    Hope that makes sense.

  3. Gah. I’ve got that “reading” part down, but apparently the “comprehension” aspect of “reading comprehension” still eludes me at times.

  4. I think monthly would be a good idea. Less is more, and all that. It’d also be less of an administrative headache for you…

  5. That’s a tough call. While I am still going through the last Carnival, there’s plenty of interesting writing out there that might get lost if it went monthly. But it does seem like maybe it all comes too fast and furious for bi-weekly.

    I guess I come down on both sides of the fence. Ouch, that hurts….

  6. As someone who doesn’t just write about games, once a month might be easier on me. I’d like to contribute every time, but I just don’t always get something written within a two-week frame. It might raise the quality level a bit, too, since people could take their time and pick their best work.

  7. I think once a month for each is more manageable. For those who want to write to a particular topic, they could blog for the Roundtable. For those who have more ad hoc stuff, they could submit to the Carnival. Or they could do both.

  8. I’d prefer monthly, too. Imagine how little there is to say about PC strategy games in the summer.

    The Roundtable would be nice, too, but it is easier to write about something someone asks you to write about than it is to always think of new Carn-worthy stuff.

  9. agentgray says


    I’m still reading the last one.

  10. All sounds good to me.

    Maybe we should have another event where we choose someone to read up on last months’ posts and write a summary 😉

  11. Post has been updated, as will the Carnival HQ page.

    I like Josh’s idea, too. A Carnie interpreter that could summarize each Carnival. Hah!

  12. A carnival ‘barker’, then?

  13. “Maybe we should have another event where we choose someone to read up on last months’ posts and write a summary”

    Only, it should be done in a lyrical style and set to a classic show tune… Ah crud, did I actually say that out loud?


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