Gamer Dads Rule!

GamerDad is a great site with a lot of great information for the ill-informed parent to educate themself about video games. Josh at Cathode Tan has a great interview with The Gamer Dad himself, Andrew Bub. With all the undeserved attention that video games and violence are getting (maybe some is deserved *cough*Rockstar*cough). The interview is great, read the whole thing. Since I am a “Gamer Dad” myself, I can definitely relate to the issues he raises. My kids aren’t old enough that I have to worry about this stuff yet, but it’s great that Andrew has provided such a helpful resource. And don’t think that because Andrew tells it as it is that he’s a “prude”:

Of course after the kids go to bed I’m all about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Battlefield 2 baby. When the kids are away, then your friendly neighborhood GamerDad can really play!

Should GTA be rated AO?
Jack Thompson and “Cranial Menus”
Start them when they’re young!


  1. Thanks for the linkaroo, Tony. I’m hoping to follow up this interview with a few others.

  2. Bub? Cool name for a gamer.

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