Getting the word out

It’s always flattering to receive an email from a reader. It’s even more flattering when they ask me to plug something they’re working on and want to get the word out. I’m always happy to pass on info that I think is a benefit to my readers and to the gaming scene in general. Humor me a little here as I get the word out.

The first has been mentioned elsewhere, but I’ll reiterate it here. Go check out Slamdance Games:

Slamdance Games exists to help aspiring game developers showcase their work. The festival seeks to aid developers through industry connections, peer interaction and national exposure. Slamdance recognizes the need for a competition with integrity that concentrates on the art of game design and not just the bottom line.

Like I mentioned with the guys doing Metroid Prime in 2D, these home-brewers and independent game houses need our support. Before we complain about the next Zelda/Halo/Final Fantasy and the lack of innovation and new, freshIP, we should be patronizing some of the smaller and independent developers before we stop seeing great stuff like Psychonauts and other good games that don’t reach “blockbuster” status.

I’ve also received links to new video game blogs (if you’ve got ’em, I want ’em!). My bloglines subscription list is bulging at the seams, but there’s always room for a few more. Flicker Gaming is a new gaming blog just getting its feet wet. Go over and check them out. I also was pointed to POV – A Producer’s Point of View by Stuart Roch, who is the executive producer at video game developer, Treyarch. There’s some great stuff over at POV, with a look on the inside of the industry. Another site worth giving a whirl.

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