Jack Thompson Tried To Arrest My Boss

I want to stop posting about this guy, I do. I just can’t help myself. This will bring a smile to your face.

Newsflash – Jack Thompson wants to ban AIM Icons!

You see, this AIM buddy icon was posted over at BadassBuddy, a Bolt.com affiliate site. Jack decided this was a death threat and freaked out. That’s correct – an AIM buddy icon. Jack is apparently terrified of buddies.


  1. The most telling part of that story is how they pretty much do what BatJack asks … and then BatJack uses that as admission of guilt and tries to get them arrested for it.

    BatJack … the anti-game crusader who defends grandmas for buying their grandkids GTA!

    BatJack … the lawyer who will attack you for agreeing to his request!

    BatJack … the zealot who thinks Saddam Hussein isn’t as bad as the game industry!!

    BatJack … he’s insane at any speed!

  2. I canít believe you put a link on your page to that Buddy Icon. Now that I have seen it I have an almost overwhelming urge to smash Mr. Thompson with a game console! (Donít worry I will make sure the console is not damaged in any way.)

    You have to think before you post such dangerous links on your site. I, being an adult, can of course resist the Buddy Iconís siren call; but what about teenagers and, ďgaspĒ our children? They will see it and lose all rational control. This is so obvious I donít know why people canít see it. Children and teens are the true victims of such wanton links.

    Now excuse me while I take my medication.

  3. That’s pretty good, I needed a good laugh before bedtime. I don’t have anything to say about Jack Thompson. I’d rather save my energy talking about better people than him.

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