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Well well, lookie here. Who does SI’s Stewart Mandel think will be making a Run for the Roses this year? None other than your Ohio State Buckeyes. Excellent. I couldn’t agree more. I still think it’s weird that Texas is ranked #2 in most pre-season polls while OSU is found in the sixth spot. Of course that all changes around the third week of the season.

A.J. Hawk and Ted Ginn Jr are the #4 and #2 players in the Big Ten (respectively), also according to SI. (Is TGJ not looking that pass in? How un-Tressel like.)

Have I mentioned how excited I am about College Football?


  1. I cut my arm off yesterday and I was in a lot of pain. Until I noticed I was bleeding SCARLET and GRAY. I was so excited to see the colors I forgot to put my arm on ICE. Oh well at least I can still watch Buckeye Football.

  2. You bleed scarlet and gray?

    Strange, I bleed a good Irish whiskey.

  3. BTW, the once mighty tradition that spurred the Four Horsemen don’t stand a chance this year. Also, I’m not Catholic 😉

  4. It is true, real Champions bleed Scarlet and Gray. And real cry-babies bleed Maize and Blue. Or something like that.

    Jeremiah, you should probably have that arm checked out. That’s gonna leave a nasty scar.

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