Stooges on a PSP

My Three Stooges post got some people thinking about the Stooges and all their shenanigans. I got a note from buttonMasher agentgray pointing me to this site with a link to the Disorder in the Court, the episode we were quoting. It’s in the public domain (its copyrighted expired long ago) so it should be legit. If you want a classic Three Stooges episode on your PSP (or you just want to watch some sweet Stooge action) check this out.

Update: I and should mention that this could also be played on your GBA/DS/GBmicro using the Play-Yan Micro device. After the Metroid Prime Hunters online news and now this, I think I just convinced myself it’s about time to get me a DS. Now I just need to convince the Boss (aka the buttonWife). That’s the tricky part. Of course I’ll have to import a Play Yan, but that’s just a technicality.

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