Men of the Scarlet and Gray

ohio-stadium2.jpgIn a little more than 24 hours, I will be in section 7C of the ‘Shoe, literally peeing my pants with anticipation of the OSU/Texas game. This game has had such a build up of aniticipation and hope that words can’t describe the excitement here in Columbus, Ohio. I can not wait for kick-off tomorrow night. So much hype, culminating into 3 hours of college football nirvana. Such is Buckeye Mania.

Bill at SportsGamer has some tidbits about the game that are worth the read. There’s a lot over at as well. There’s this article about OSU’s All-American linebacker, AJ Hawk. It’s a great article about a great football player, but the best part are the quotes from AJ’s mom:

“I love to see A.J. hit,” Judy Hawk confirms. “We thrive on A.J. hitting people.”

That’s a family that knows its football.

I am very optimistic about this game. I think OSU will give Texas the business. Why am I so confident? This is more-or-less the OSU team put the wood to both Oklahoma State and Michigan, two teams the Texas struggled with. Texas had to come from behind to beat perennial Big-12 punching bag Kansas. Texas is without Cedric Benson and Derrick Johnson. I’m not saying they’re a bad team, I just think OSU has too many weapons. I think they win this game. Maybe not easily but they win, nonetheless. What does Vegas think? Currently the line is a point with OSU favored. The over/under is now up to 46 points.

My prediction is 28-17. You heard it here first.

Before I go, I’d like to present two OSU haikus, one written by your’s truly and the other written by reader Bobster. Enjoy.

Ted Ginn is so fast.
Santonio Holmes is, too.
Buckeyes win by ten.

Texas is ranked
So are the OSU Bucks
Game of the season

Update: I decided I’m not reading enough sports blogs currently, so I went to the unreliable Technorati to do a little search. I decided to link other people’s predictions, along with mine. I like the cut of these guys jibs (most of them, anyway)

OSU 31 – Texas 10
OSU 52 – Texas 3 (not too sure about that one)
OSU 24 – Texas 21
Not a prediction, but red buckeye asks, “Am I alone in thinking Texas is going to get ambushed tomorrow? No, from the looks of it, you’re not.
OSU Wins
OSU 17 – Texas 24 – Booo!
OSU 37 – Texas 34

There are plenty more predictions out there, this is just a sampling. But from the looks of it, things are looking up for Texas.


  1. Hope you’ve recovered from the disappointment!

  2. Texas ranked at two
    OSU has fallen back
    Michigan still sucks

  3. I doubt I’ll recover from the disappointment. Some day, perhaps.

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