Buckeye Blogging, Week #2 (1-1)

Yeah, so I’ve had over 12 hours to let the sting of the Buckeye’s loss lessen a bit. If you didn’t know, OSU fell to Texas, 25-22. There is a lot of finger-pointing and blaming that could go on, but in the end the Buckeyes just failed to convert turnovers into touchdowns. The turning point, in my mind at least, was when OSU had Texas’ kick returner IN THE ENDZONE and were unable to tackle him for the safety. That would have been such a huge swing of momentum. But so many other things went wrong that there’s no way to pin this game’s outcome on one play or one decision. It was a culmination of bad luck and bad decisions. Coach Tressel will be second-guessed all year long on his QB decisions. This should be Troy Smith’s football team. As much as I like Justin Zwick he just doesn’t have the talent Smith does.

So I tip my hat to the Texas Longhorns. Vince Young is a heck of a football player (but still not a heck of QB yet). It still hurts and will hurt for a long time. The Buckeyes will still have a great season but it sure would be nice to be 2-0.

And can we start including A.J. Hawk when we talk about Heisman races? The dude is a Manimal.

Update: OSU has dropped from #4 to #9. I think that is completely fair. We still belong in the discussion of the top ten teams in the nation. I know it’s a long shot but we’re not completely out of the National Championship picture. A lot of things need to come to pass, but it’s entirely possible.


  1. While we just keep going up…I would say either top ten or really close…

    ND 17 – MICH. 10

  2. Yeah, ND is now #10. Good for them. Now go beat USC!


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