Listen and win!

I haven’t paid a lot of to podcasting yet. Mostly because I haven’t made time for them. Another factor is that I usually listen to my iPod at work for “background” noise and listening to a podcast would be too distracting. But now I have a reason to start — winning stuff.

I got a note from reader, Josh pointing me to one of his favorite podcasts – Insomonia Radio. I haven’t checked any episodes out yet but the one Josh pointed out to me includes a contest to win a PSP. I thought other buttonMashers would be interested in checking it out. They way I see it, I’ll win me a PSP here and get an Xbox 360 for free from Pepsi. I’ll be sitting pretty for the next generation without spending a dime.

If you guys are into the podcasting thing or already listen to Insomnia Radio, let me know what you think.

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