Jack Thompson, you got served!

Ahh, even though I mentioned his autobiography the other day, I haven’t really been keeping up on our good friend Jack. Well, things have really come to a head lately with the King Kook himself, and he refuses to eat the huge platter of crow that he has been served. Even though someone has probably already said this, someone set him up the BOMB!

So I guess I could recap with a huge reblog. (I’m glad other’s are keeping up with this. My brain hurts everytime Thompson opens his mouth.) For those who don’t know, Jack “challenged” the gaming community to make a game, based on a morally reprehensible premise he proposed. He then promised a $10k donation to a charity of Paul Eibeler (the Chairman of Take-Two Interactive). More than a few people took up the challenge and some modders made a sweet GTA mod (apparently slashdotted, PA’ed or Dugg). In true BatJack form, he claimed he was “just kidding” and he isn’t gonna pay. Excellent. Of course, the ever-charitable guys at Penny-Arcade came through and delivered the goods. They donated $10k to the ESA Foundation which will certainly help keep JT off their proverbial back. The best part of this is that they had already zinged him on his “weak” donation amount. That go a rise out of him. Sweet!

What a wild week or two it’s been. And I’m just scratching the surface. This isn’t going to end on this.

The guys at Ctrl+Alt+Delete have had their run-ins with Jackie-boy as well and they have a few things to say, too.

On a seperate but equally awesome note is that America’s National Institute on Media and the Family basically told Thompson to stop invoking their name when he makes his asinine comments. You know you’re alone in the battle when a pro-family, right-wing conservative group condemns you. You’re supposed to be on their side and they’re basically asking you to leave. That’s pretty sad. Of course, Thompson can’t leave well enough alone. You can not make this stuff up.

Oh, and there’s this, too. (a little old, but who cares)

Have I had enough of Jack? Probably not. He’ll step up to the plate and say some more ridiculous things with spurrious proof and the media will still let him on their pulpit, but hopefully more and more people are starting to see him for what he is — a bat-crazy, spittle-flying, deranged crazy person.

For now, I’m gonna go play some Resident Evil 4 and blast some zombies into oblivion. Resident Evil 4 is an excellent self-defense-against-deranged-Spaniards Simulator.

Update: This just gets crazier by the minute.

More: I want to stop, but I can’t.


  1. Honestly, man- I thought Jack Thompson was a little smarter than he turned out to be. I read about his antics, I laughed at him in gamer comics, I listened to his interviews, I thought he was going to have SOME wisdom in the theory of human reaction.

    Instead he just pounds his fists on his fax machine and tries to have those who oppose him arrested. Screw him, man. The guys at Penny Arcade deserve a MEDAL of some kind. Shit, if I have to go to a crappy trophy store and get them one of those gold painted plastic bowling awards with an egraving reading “Best People Ever,” I will.

    They showed us who this guy really is.

    And Resident Evil 4 is awesome! Did you get the Chicago Typewriter yet?

  2. look people if your trying attack the gaming comunity and a family place don’t want you using there name you know your not going to win. you might as well stop there besides who going to win this anyway the gamers you try fighting millions of gamers your not going to win. Jack stop messing with something your not in controll of!

  3. OGHC – Yeah, I think a lot of people still think JT is smarter than he is. He is now constantly amazing people with his gaffes and the bad case of foot-in-mouth disease he has. Still good for a laugh, though.

    And no, I don’t have the Chicago Typewriter. I’ve been playing the Mercnearies game non-stop.

    Candyman – A million gamers will never convince Jack of the error of his ways. But you can keep trying. Good luck.


  1. That was damn fast

    Remember Jack Thompson’s Game idea?
    Well you can download it here as a GTA mod.
    As usual, the Buttonmasher is basically on top of things, but this is all worth two cents of my own. I’m not exactly sure why Thompson bothered with the challenge he’s …

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