A good DS golf game, please.

The touchscreen for the Nintendo DS lends itself well for control of a golf game. Unfortunately, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005for the DS is a gigantic turd. The controls are atrociously unresponsive, the music grates on my ears and I derive little or no joy from the game, compared to really enjoying Tiger Woods 2005 on the Xbox.

Watch this movie for the new golf game on the DS called True Swing. Maybe Tiger Woods should be called “I’m trying a new swing” Golf. The use of the touchscreen looks a thousand times better than Tiger Wood’s interface. I swear Tiger Woods has some kind of random noise it injects into the control scheme to hose your shot, because I’ve never had two good shots in a row. True swing looks like it’s head and shoulders above TW. I can’t wait. The visuals look similar to the MMOG Shot-Online (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). There’s mention of downloading the game for mulitplayer, but I’m hoping for some online love. That would be the cherry on top.

You can see more screenshoots of True Swing at Kotaku.


  1. […] I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m pretty excited about True Swing Golf for the DS. Having played (and hated) Tiger Woods I was really looking forward to TSG. Eurogamer had good things to say about it last year, but now things aren’t looking as peachy. Gamespot gives it a poor score and Modojo dogs it pretty bad, too. Of course, perrenial grade-inflater IGN.com gives it an 8.0, so there’s that. So what to do. I don’t trust many online reviews, but reading Gamespot’s pointed out that character progression is almost non-existent. That’s a bummer, it’s what I was hoping would be there. From the gameplay and graphics I really thought this would have some type of RPG elements, but it looks like there’s nothing there. […]

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