Mario Kart DS

So Mario Kart arrives this week on the DS. From the early reviews, it is looking really, really, really good. To the chagrin of the buttonWife, I plan on picking this game up sometime this week. I can not wait for some sweet Mario Kart racing.

I’ve got to say that the Nintendo DS is a fabulous piece of gaming hardware. I’m still jamming on Advance Wars, just picked up Metroid Prime Pinball and will be getting Mario Kart and Animal Crossing in the next few weeks. That’s not mentioning the other games on the wish list! I can’t get over how good this little piece of hardware is.

Come on, friends of the buttonMasher, you guys need to pick one of these up!

My Nintendo DS


  1. My wife and I have had the DS since Day One. It is a wonderful handheld.

    So many great titles, with so many more coming out during the holiday season. I’ll be picking up Mario Kart DS tomorrow.

  2. There should be a thread somewhere for people to trade Friend codes once MK is out.

  3. I just posted my first Play Rating of Mario Kart DS and I haven’t been so addicted to playing a game as I am to this one in some time. The WFC mode is really fun. Some friend code trading would be great.

  4. Maybe the ButtonMasher can host a page for us to add our friend codes? 😉

  5. I’d definitely be open for hosting a page for sharing friend codes. I’m hoping to pick up MK DS some time tomorrow, so once I get online and figure out the whole Nintendo Online system, we can figure out a system to do it. Anyone have any ideas? I can set up a static page with WordPress and enable track back and comments and everyone can post them there.

    Any other ideas?

  6. I’ll probably just put up a post with my current friend codes, since it looks like they’ll be different for each game. But the comments thing should work.

    It also might not be a bad idea to do it with a Wiki. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

  7. wiki would be best. is easy enough to set up if needs be.

  8. If anybody wants to share codes im me (noob08) and ill gladely share mine i want some friends

  9. go there and post your friends codes.


  11. my code is137501-369964

  12. my code is 137501-369964

  13. PLEASE ADD ME!!! and post back here if u do im addin everyone on here

    Name in game: MuffinMan
    Freind code: 274943673720

  14. Hi muffin man Chaos here i have added you. you can add me @T :158980444089:.

    if anyone wants to race me then email me at and i can give you my mobile number so we can text each other to arrage matches.

    see you online


    why did nintendo not implement a game lobby system into the game would have made things so much better.

  15. Hi
    im from oz
    would love to have a few friends to play with
    my code is 021547897958
    i,ve added aaron, muffinman and arakashi to my frinds list

  16. Hey everyone!

    I know I’m posting late, but I just recently found this place.

    My friend code is
    Name’s VileEighty on Mario Kart DS
    I’ve added everybody who’s left their code here ^^

    My e-mail address is
    And my AIM screen name is Slowpoke de Vile.

    Catch me on either of those if you wanna race!

  17. The Salesman says

    whoa whoa whoa slow down people, i haven’t even got wi-fi accessibility, but i’m adding all of you onto my list, my name may vary at the moment as i can’t decide upon what i want…. either it’s gonna be “merchant”, “salesman” or “Izmail”, i’ll have to see. Oh and it probably might be “Merchant” as my Emblem is a picture of the Resident evil 4 merchant! huzzah!

  18. The Salesman says

    I’ve only had mario kart ds for 4 days now i think(…my god i’ve lost track!) and it’s fanTASTIC. It’s everything i wanted it to be! And i think its knocked Mario Kart 64 down by 1% in my head, this overlaps it! Amazing! Cant wait to play online!

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