More Mario Kart

Yeah, so Mario Kart DS? It’s fun.

I think there’s a single player game but I wouldn’t know it. I also think there are unlockables to get better racers in the single player game but I’m too busy playing online to unlock them. One of these days I’ll get around to that.

There was a message on Nintendo’s forum about not sharing friend codes. I thought that was odd. I’m assuming it’s just for the Official Nintendo Forums (probably for some legal reason that defies logic), but the how do you “make” new “friends” if you can’t share your code? Anyway, like I said, I think it only affects the forums, so feel free to post your friend codes here. Thanks to everyone who already has, I’ve added you and am constantly looking for a friends match! I haven’t seen anyone in my list online yet. Hopefully it’ll happen one of these days.

There is some good stuff on the forums, though. The most helpful for me was this one. Getting that super-start is crucial.

I’m also using this site to make a new logo. I’m thinking Block-O from OSU. I know, real original. I’ll post whatever I use later. Hope to see you out there!



  1. Clearly, no-one else is playing the single-player either. I’m the only person I’ve seen with Waluigi, and it’s not like I’m terribly good at getting the unlockables.

  2. I played someone who unlocked R.O.B. He was jamming!

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