Carnival Goodies

While it’s barely the middle of December, it’s never too late to start thinking about the first Carnival of Gamers of 2006, held over at Kill Ten Rats. Ethic will be handling the Carnival duties and it should be another great stop. Hopefully the Holidays won’t interfere too much with your blogging and everyone will be able to submit something.

I also have some cool news for future Carnivals. Zonk, the Games editor at Slashdot has agreed to host the February edition of the Carnival. Zonk linked the original Carnival and has been following it ever since. I’m pretty excited about this. Having the all the Carnival entries listed on Slashdot is a pretty cool thing.

We also have Virgin Worlds signed up to handle the March Carnival. Virgin Worlds is a new-ish MMO blog that looks promising and has graciously volunteered his time for Carnival duties.

It looked like the Carnival was losing steam for a while, but it has really picked up as of late, which is pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who has helped out or participated. It’s been fun so far, here’s to hoping it continues!


  1. Permits for the January CoG are starting to trickle in. There’s plenty of room, don’t let the cold weather scare you off. I have a crew starting to build the Ice Palace.

    Congrats on the February location, that’s cool.

  2. Wow, Carnival entries this early? That’s gotta be a record! Good to hear.

  3. If /. does it that means you’ll see it on digg soon. 🙂

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