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It’s been college football all the time right now on buttonmashing.com. I’ve been watching the ESPN RSS feed to see any Vince Young news. This is the latest that’s popped up:

… Texans received word Friday from an intermediary representing Texas quarterback Vince Young that the Houston native is leaning strongly to also going pro.

I’m torn with the Vince Young turning pro saga. Part of me wants to see Young go, because the OSU vs. Texas game, in Austin, will be a lot easier without Young at the helm. The other part of me wants OSU to have the chance to even the score fair and square. In the end, I think Vince will enter the draft, go to Tennessee (like the article says) and OSU will have a great shot at the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see.

In other college football news, I was glad to see the people at Virginia Tech grew a pair and kicked Marcus Vick off the team. How he lasted as long as he did is beyond me. I am all for giving kids a second chance, but Vick had like four and squandered them all. I pity the NFL team that drafts him.

I’ll get back to the video games soon enough, I promise.

Update: bm.com reader Jeremiah tipped me off to a press conference for Teaas QB Vince Young. ESPN is saying:

Longhorns junior quarterback Vince Young will declare for the NFL draft at a 4 p.m. ET news conference Sunday, an official within the athletic department told The Associated Press.

Say hello to the pre-season #1 team, The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Another Update: Confirmed.


  1. I have some sad nes to report. Donte Whitner will be foregoing his senior season to turn Pro. According to NBC 4 website.

  2. I have more bad news. It is all over the web that Ashton Youboty is leaving early as well.

  3. Jeremiah – yeah, I just read that in the Dispatch this afternoon. So OSU will be replacing 8 starters on defense. Ouch.

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