Redesigning the DS

Man, I come into work this morning and check my feeds before starting the day and gaming sites are abuzz with the quiet announcement by Nintendo, presenting the redesign of the Nintendo DS (from Nintendo’s Japan website. Here’s the Google Translation). Unfortunately I don’t have time to really dig deep into this, since I’m at work, but I must say I both excited and a bit disappointed. Excited because it looks shiny. Disappointed because the redesign doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement. Being the gadget whore that I am, I’ll probably figure out a way to get one of these anyway. I do like the iPod-white, so it’s got that going for it.

I didn’t notice (and didn’t take the time) to find out if this is States-bound. I would assume that it is. Can anyone confirm that?

More to come later.


  1. Apparently, the US and UK release date announcements are forthcoming.

    I’m definitely getting one of those.

  2. Nintendo: “Why do you make me do this to you?”

    Me: “Ow. Ow. Please more.”

  3. I’m hoping that a blue version is released as an alternate color. My wife stopped me from buying a blue DS when it was first released, since I already have a silver one.

    I didn’t expect much in the way of improvements, aside from cosmetic changes. I understand your disappointment, but I couldn’t imagine Nintendo introducing changes that would segment the DS-owning market.

    I’m all over this as soon as it comes out, even if the white one is the only one available.

    I like its resemblance to the Revolution controller. A friend pointed out that it looks even more like a Game & Watch.

  4. ag – yeah, we all bend over and take like disobedient little children, don’t we.

    will – I have no doubt there will be more than one color. Nintendo can’t help itself when it comes to that. It really is printing money for them. Just look at all of us, talking about buying another one.

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