Carnival is around the corner

There’s still a little more time to get your submissions in for the Carnival of Gamers #11. Zonk has told me that he’ll accept submissions up until 11:59pm tomorrow night. I have it on good authority that this is going to be a great Carnival, perhaps with a little surprise thrown in on Thursday. The submissions are pouring in. It’s great to see a lot of people participating. Should be a good time!

I’ve also received word from the April host, Unbeliever from MMODIG, that he will be co-hosting the Carnival with Cosmik of n3rfed fame. He says they’ve got the format worked out, so it will be interesting to see how they pull it off. If you’re planning on participating in April, prepare to be mocked. Unbeliever’s a Pro!

I am thinking about hosting the May edition, since it will be the one-year anniversary of the Carnival. I had no idea it would be this successful. I figured interest would die off quickly and we’d have to pull the plug on it a couple months after it started, but it’s actually done better than just survive, it seems to have been well received, at least by most readers. I’m grateful to everyone who’s read, participated, or hosted the Carnival.

In addition to all the good news, Gamers Radio has stepped forward to take the Carnival in June. We welcome them and hope you drop them a visit.

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