Butt-kicking girls

Saw this article about girls and video games at Utopian Hell. It’s a pretty good article, but this little bit troubles me:

That’s evidenced at GamerzNet where nearly 5-year-old Sarah Grodin and her mom, Heather, play Counter-Strike together. Across the aisle, Kathryn Grodin, Sarah’s aunt and co-owner of GamerzNet, also plays the counterterrorism game.

A five-year-old playing Counter-Strike? That doesn’t strike me as the best way to game with your kids. I mentioned early about the article that a large portion of parents that are gaming, which I think is great, but this seems a little over the top.

But it’s a good article nonetheless. Getting more people involved with gaming is always a good thing. This last little bit made me a little sad, though:

Of the nine girls gathered in a circle minutes before game play, all of them have a PlayStation system in their house. Two have an xBox and five have a Nintendo GameCube as well.

None of them had ever heard of Atari, the first console video gaming system.

That’s not right! Know your roots!


  1. Can’t you just imagine that 5 year old girl running around the house yelling “BOOM! HEADSHOT!! BOOM! HEADSHOT!!” like FPS-Doug?

  2. Yeah, i thought about that. I can see it now:

    “Nice stabbing, Susie! Way to beat that guy down!”

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