I’m level 31

… and 365 days till my 0% to my next level.

I’ve gone from “just being thirty” to now being “in my thirties.”

It’s a strange feeling.


  1. Happy birthday blog-o-buddy!

  2. Happy birthday indeed.

  3. Lvl 31? Man you suck. I was Lvl 31 eight years ago!

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. “gratz on lvl up. NE phat l3wt?”

  6. I’ve got one year to go, old man!

    DOB: 2/9/77

  7. Old man? What’s this old man talk?

    Jeff – no loot, but I do have a night out with the missus on Friday!

  8. Dood! I bet that instance rocks!

    (… I’m sorry, was that too much?)

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