I’m level 31

… and 365 days till my 0% to my next level.

I’ve gone from “just being thirty” to now being “in my thirties.”

It’s a strange feeling.


  1. Happy birthday blog-o-buddy!

  2. Happy birthday indeed.

  3. Lvl 31? Man you suck. I was Lvl 31 eight years ago!

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. “gratz on lvl up. NE phat l3wt?”

  6. agentgray says:

    I’ve got one year to go, old man!

    DOB: 2/9/77

  7. Old man? What’s this old man talk?

    Jeff – no loot, but I do have a night out with the missus on Friday!

  8. Dood! I bet that instance rocks!

    (… I’m sorry, was that too much?)

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