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Even though I have a stack of unplayed games (hereafter to be referred to as “The Queue”), I am currently engrossed in Resident Evil 4. Even though I finished the game over a year ago, I’ve been playing the Mercenaries mini game, off and on, for the past couple months. Just recently I decided to endeavor to get 5-star scores on all four boards with the five characters. I unlocked the last character (Albert Wesker) and then spent some time racking up the scores needed on each board. Upon doing so, I unlocked the “Handcannon” which would be available to me next time I played. So I started the regular game over again, this time with the “Pro” difficulty. I figured I’d get to the first encounter with the merchant, buy the Handcannon, go blast some baddies with it and be done with the game. Things didn’t go as planned. I got to the merchant and the handcannon wasn’t available. But I had been enjoying myself so much that I decided to finish the game on Pro difficulty. I just rescued the President’s daughter from the church and now we’re trying to get out of dodge.

Having played this game extensively the past week has reminded me why this is such a great game. The game defines what a polished game is. The attention to detail is what gets me every time. From the authentic Spanish phrases (I will be updating the list with words and phrases I missed the first time through) to the gun reloading animations, I can’t say enough. Just a fantastic game, top to bottom.

Ashley Resident Evil 4I decided to go with the “Special Costumes,” an option you get once you beat the game. Leon is now decked out in his Raccoon City Police Department Uniform. It’s a nice touch. Little did I know that Ashley (the President’s daughter) would also be sporting a new, *ahem*, costume. I couldn’t find any screen shots of the new costume, but she’s gone from the demure and preppy skirt and sweater combo to a revealing cowboy outfit, complete with a rather revealing halter top. It was rather unsettling to see her risqué side. I guess I should come to expect such things.

So yeah, I’ll be playing Resident Evil 4 for a while. I’ll eventually get back to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and the rest of The Queue, but for now it’s RE4 time, all the time. I still try to squeeze in a game of Guild Wars when I can and I also check in on Animal Crossing: Wild World to check the price of turnips and to water my red turnip, but that’s about it. My animals will probably be complaining and leaving town sooner or later, but tough for them.

I got escort the President’s floozy daughter to safety.


  1. Isn’t it awesome when your virtual world gets more hectic than real life. I play/check Guild Wars and Animal Crossing daily.

    Here’s my queue:

    Prince of Persia: Two Thrones
    Civ IV
    Nexus Jupiter Incident
    Dawn of War: Winter Assault
    Mario DDR
    Advance Wars: DS
    Paper Mario
    M & L: Superstar Saga

    Honorable mention: Electroplankton when I want to unwind.

  2. That’s a nice queue, ag. I tried Psychonauts but just couldn’t get into. I won’t touch Civ IV. I need to get back into AW:DS for sure.

  3. Why no love for Civ IV? I do have to admit, the last one I played was Civ II.

  4. No Civ because I’ve heard how addicting it is and I just can’t let it grip me. I’ve been staying up too late playing RE4 as it is, I can’t have another game to abuse my sleep patterns.

  5. I played through this game twice, which I don’t do much, and had the same feeling about the Special costumes.

    Strangely, I also just recently started playing the Mercenaries mini-game. It originally seemed pointless and too hard. But now it’s pulled me in. Also, I’m not sure something that you can easily waste 10 hours on counts as a “mini-game.”

  6. psu – yeah, the Mercenaries is a great little game. I’d say I spent at least ten hours, too. It’s great stuff.

  7. Clinton Rials says

    I hate Ashley! she’s like a tick on your back throughout the game! Did you know that you can chase her? and look up her skirt and she’ll probably say, “ah! you pervert!”

  8. Clinton Rials says

    I love re4, but I hate Ashley!


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