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Holy fricking crap am I frustrated right now with Resident Evil 4. I’m currently stuck at the point where Ashley is driving the big dumpster/bulldozer and you’ve got to run up and raise the elevator lift. Ashley lamely sits in the truck while you’ve got to fight off the bad guys, hit the button, and keep the baddies away from Ashley. Get out of the driver’s seat and run away, you nit! Anyway, I’ve got that part pretty much down pat. The truck then drives on some more, fighting off waves of baddies, before you’ve got to take out a runaway truck coming straight at you. I must have done this sequence twenty times this evening. Something would always go wrong — I’d miss the peep-hole target in the runaway truck, Ashley would get shocked before I could get back to her, or one of the ganados’ head would turn into monster-tentacle-death dealing claw-head and would get me with one hit. It’s frustrating for so many reasons.

If I hear Ashley say, “I’m leaving it to you,” I’m saving the ganados trouble and I’m blasting her myself.

So I might be taking a short break from RE4. Or I might be right back at it tomorrow night.

I’ve got needs, after all.


  1. I don’t like to use a walkthrough unless I’m really stuck. When I do use one I only read the part that I need, then comtinue on without it. GameSpot’s guides are usually really good.

  2. Yeah, I remember having to refer to a walkie at that point, thinking, surely I’m doing something WRONG this is so weird…

    You get past it eventually 😉

  3. Quit playing video games and fix my computer you bum …

    seriously though my borrowed computer will be sold on ebay in 5 hours and I know Bryan will want it back so he can ship it jut a guess. so tell me you had a chance to look at it if not I understand you are busy (cough playing games cough) so I will take it to gateway if you havent looked at it yet…..just let me know either way

  4. Singe & Alice – I’m pretty sure I already know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it. The walkthroughs won’t enhance my skillz, just my knowledge! I need better skill! Anyway, it doesn’t help that the damage the bad guys are capable of is like double on the Pro difficulty. I won’t give up!

    J – your computer is at the top of my to-do list when this afternoon. I promise I’ll look at it before the day is over.

  5. you’ve probly already beat it, but…. for were the truck stops and you have to hit the button, just climb up a ladder, then jump back down, get in the truck, and fight em off, till their all dead, then run up and collect goodies and hit the button in perfect saftey

  6. The Salesman says

    Yes, hes already stated he “knows what to do” just that he doesnt know “how to get through it without ashley dying”

    right, heres my good words of advice

    1) “im leaving it to you!” dont shoot her, you wont get anywhere, and yes, i have done it multiple times out of anger so it’s natural

    2) dont jump of the giant construction lorry thingy, turn around, run towards ashley, aim upwards to where the lever is (preferrably with the TMP) and blast the wooden boxes nearby (contain goody goody ammo)

    3) Jump off the lorry, turn RIGHT so your heading up the ladder which has the green herb beside it, three soldier ganados will jump towards you.


    4) Gun the Cabron’s down, head forward and right towards ein lever, then you will see a sniper ganados and a normal on opposite you, Gun them down with the tmp quick!

    5) Hurry! two more will come from behind you, quickly shoot them down, if you hear ashley scream “Leoooonnn immm uselessssss heeellllp!” and there are ganados running at you, lob a flash grenade to the floor quickly (if there isnt any running at you then all the better)

    7) Turn around and snipe the ganados jumping down from 50 miles above.(though i dont know why their legs dont break), ehem.

    6) make sure you try and snipe the ganados near ashley around the chest/lower neak area, that’ll mean the chance of getting a headshot and a Plagas popping out to say hello is decreased, once thats done, (if there are any left) gun down the ganados nearby that have just woken up from the flash grenades stunning .. flash…err yeah…

    7) Collect any Ammo, treasure, whatnot, jump down the ladder, head on the lorry and presto! Its done! And btw, if any ganados do jump down, i suggest a TMP will do the trick, quick and efficient, oh and sorry, make sure you pull the lever too. lol (how could i forget that?)

    Now Tony, if either you or Ashley die from this point onwards, the game will restart from the point at which the lorry is going upwards on the big lift, but heres another few tips

    Once you and ashley continue to drive, watch out as some ganados will jump down from some bridges and pathways above you, so i recommend you snipe them down (depending on you being able to see them), oh and yes, the probability of the ganados that jump down of becoming plagas is abooout….. 70% – 80%, so make sure ashleys healed up (and so are you)

    Wahay! i hope that helps!

    TMP and Rifle are the wise choices here!

    Any more problems, ill be waiting right here Tony.

    He He He, come back any time…

  7. The Salesman says

    I hope i haven’t missed anything out, have i?


  1. […] Maybe I was too tired last night. Whatever it was, I was frustrated and had to vent. Now that I got that out of my system, I’m back on track in RE4. I sat down this evening with a cool head and breezed through the section of the game that was giving me such fits. In fact, I was on such a roll that I made it past “It” with just two attempts. The first time through, I died a bunch of times in that section. I made it all the way to the part where Leon has to take down Krauser to get the insignias to get through yet another gate between he and Ashley. The Krauser part was the toughest last time so I assuming it’s going to tough was again. […]

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