Resident Evil 4, case closed.

I have defeated Lord Saddler once again. Just like last time, he was much easier than that son of a jackal Krauser. So how does the pro difficulty compare to the normal level? Was it twice as hard?

Not really. Even though I died over a hundred times more than the first time through, it wasn’t that much harder. It took me about 3 hours longer this time through, but I took my time and looked for all the treasures. I killed about a hundred more bad guys, but I was more efficient, increasing my hit rate to 74%. I also finished “Assignment Ada” and I’ve now unlocked all the weapons goodies. I don’t have the million pesetas to buy the infinite rocket launcher or the Chicago Typewriter, but I did acquire the hand cannon and it packs quite the punch.

Resident Evil 4 easily stands heads and shoulders above 99% of the games of this generation of consoles. Even though I feel it lost a little of its spookiness and tension once the action moved onto the island, the game still has atmosphere and suspense. I can’t say enough about it. I’m glad I went through it a second time. A must play.


  1. Gregg Stillson says

    I’ve been replaying RE4 on pro and I noticed that this time round I didn’t get to fight Saddler in the lab where Leon and Ada rescued Ashley.
    Does this happen on pro mode everytime? (ps2 by the way)

  2. @Gregg – I don’t remember exactly the part you’re talking about. I did my play-throughs on the Gamecube, so it may have been different. It was also four years ago, so my memory is a little muddled. Maybe if you described a little more about that area, I would remember.

  3. Gregg Stillson says

    Whoops. I’m afraid I’ve made a boob Tony.
    That showdown in the lab with Saddler is actually as Ada in the Assignment Ada sub game.
    It’s been a while since I’ve played it too and I got muddled up as well.


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