Turnip Market Crash!

B0009Z3MQK-01-_AA_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg[Animal Crossing: Wild World]: Either it’s Black Monday every Monday in my Animal Crossing town, or Tom Nook and Joan (the Turnip Lady) are in cahoots to financially ruin me. In the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, playing the turnip market was very lucrative. I paid my house off in record time by simply buying low and selling high. That’s Investing 101, look it up.

Well for the past couple months, I’ve dutifully met up with Joan Sunday mornings and spent a fair amount of bells buying White Turnips at extortion-like prices. We’re talking almost 100 bells a turnip. That’s highway robbery. Then I check turnip prices daily with Tom Nook. He refuses to offer me more than 75 bells a turnip. That’s just not right. There needs to be a Wild World Securities and Exchange Commision investigation or something. Those two are ruining me. There’s no way I’m I’m paying that mortgage off now.

I tried my hand with a Red Turnip, which I sold to Nook for 16,000 bells. ONE fricken turnip! It must be some kind of controlled substance. No one pays that kind of money for a glorified root. I’d grow more to keep him hopped-up on a red turnip high but I keep forgetting to water them and they die on me.

Those poor things are delicate.

Update:This will take you to the old Friend Code post. Here is my AC:WW Town info. Add me and let me know you’re code, too!

Name: Tonester
Town: Pamplona
Friend Code: 2749-3859-8704


  1. The turnip market fluctuates daily. There’s a pre-noon price and a post-noon price. So check twice a day. The key to the stock market in Wild World is WFC. If you have a good deal of friends playing, you’ll find that almost one a week has a turnip price of over 200 bells.

    If you’re solo hold out until Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Those are the prime price days. And if you can’t get a price hold out, keep your turnips on a table and they won’t spoil.

  2. I second what Gus said.

    The NDS AC is a bit more tweaked for WFC. Fill that friends list.

  3. Yup … it would seem that they have tweaked the stalk market so that you’re supposed to be wandering from place to place to increase your odds of getting 200 . I’ve mostly been netting 20-30% profit. Which is nothing, of course, compared to the 1600% profit you get from the red turnip. Too bad you only get one of those a week.

    Flea Markets? You can rake in cash there though. The critters are willing to pay well, almost twice, what Tom will spend. Clear out your main room and fill it with nothing but the most expensive fish you can grab and make sure to have enough stock for the whole day. Any fossils you can spare as well.

  4. Guys, thanks for the heads up on getting the most out of the turnips market. I’ve added a link to the my old friend’s code post and I’ve added my friend’s code as well. I haven’t seen many people online lately, so if you’ve got a friend code to add, please feel free to do so here. I’ll add you as well.

  5. I added you!

    4510 4006 7165
    Name: Brinstar
    Town: Wayreth

  6. turnips r gay

  7. Brin – I added you as well, sorry for the long delay.

    Klayton – r u sure?

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